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Apr 27, 2018 ... It had been eight months since the last bad beat jackpot was hit at Playground Poker Club. Back in August of 2017, the BBJ was hit at an ... Bad Beat Jackpot – The Lodge Card Club – Austin Poker Club The Lodge Poker Club offers Members a “Bad Beat Jackpot”. The prize pool is increased weekly by the Lodge. Every week the Lodge contributes $250 to the ... $1.1 Million Bad Beat Jackpot, Biggest in US History, Hits in Detroit Jan 18, 2018 ... In August of last year, a $1.2 million bad beat jackpot hit at Playground Poker Club in Montreal, Canada, in a $1/$2 Texas hold'em cash game.

buy-in(ntd) starting stack: level time: reg close: 6,000: 12,000: 15: lv8@23:10: 6,000: 10,000: 15: lv8@23:10: 2,000: 5000 / addon 10000: 20: lv6@16:10: 6,000: 12,000 ...

MotorCity Casino Hotel is a completely new Detroit luxury ... THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF THE BAD BEAT JACKPOT OR THE RULES FOR THIS ... Club Metro Perks. Largest Bad Beat Jackpot in U.S. Poker History Just Hit in ... A nearly $1.07 million poker bad beat jackpot just hit in Detroit's Motor City Casino, the largest in U.S. history. Take a look at this historic hand.

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Bad Beat Jackpot Promotion - The larger the jackpot, the easier your chance to win! Take a seat at any of our designated Bad Beat Jackpot tables (look for the yellow star), and if your Four of a Kind Jacks or better gets trumped by a better hand, you and all others playing at Bad Beat Jackpot tables will share in the sweet jackpot: Bad Beat High Hand Bonus Rules - $50,000 Bad Beat High Hand Bonus (Discontinued as of 4/19/2019) The $50,000 Bad Beat High Hand Bonus shall apply to the game of Texas Hold’em only. To qualify for the $50,000 Bad Beat High Hand Bonus, a hand of Four J's or better must lose to a higher-ranking hand that must either be four of a Kind, Straight Flush or Royal Flush. Bad beat - Wikipedia Not all poker games offer bad beat jackpots, and those that do have specific requirements for how strong a losing hand must be ...

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Bad Beat Jackpot Hit | Palm Beach Kennel Club Jan 23, 2017 · Table 27 in the Poker Room at Palm Beach Kennel Club was the place to be at 6:18pm Saturday evening, January 21, 2017. Seven excited players took a piece of the $231,190 Bad Beat jackpot, and the lucky “losing” poker hand paid off a New Year holiday present of $115,593. Borgata Bad Beat Poker | Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa 14 rows · Lose any $20+ pot with quad deuces or better and you'll take home 40% of the jackpot. …

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WPT Poker collects $0,5 from every raked hand pot played on Bad Beat Jackpot tables. That’s why jackpot grows so rapidly. To hit Bad Beat Jackpot a player must lose a hand with Four of a Kind, 8s, or better. Yes, you must lose. Note: Both players: loser and winner must use their two hole cards to build the best hand and the hand must be ... Bad Beat Jackpot - J88 POKER Bad Beat Jackpot Bad Beat Jackpot will make your worst day the best day! Although poker is a sport in which poker skill takes an important part, sometimes bad luck finds you. To make you feel better, we implemented the Bad Beat Jackpot. We know it feels bad when you suffer from a bad beat,… Austin Poker | Texas | Cowboys Card Club | Bad Beat Jackpots A Bad Beat Jackpot is a prize that is paid when a sufficiently strong hand is shown down and loses to an even stronger hand held by another player. Specific rules apply in all Bad Beat scenarios including: The Bad Beat Jackpot will only apply to the game of Texas Hold ’Em. Bad Beat Jackpot finally hit at Playground Poker Club for 1.2M Firstly, not every poker room has a BBJ. I play live in Vegas, and most of the rooms don't have one. The only rooms that I can think of in Vegas that has BBJ are Venetian and Orleans.